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Asotech Quality

At Asotech, quality is about competence, technology and research.

These essential values are assured by:

  • A system of ongoing, personalized training, delivered directly by the producers of the software programs used by our company;
  • Training on specific technical disciplines, delivered by specialized providers;
  • Consolidated internal processes that minimize the possibility of errors in customer service, combined with high levels of efficiency, productivity and quality in production processes..


Affiliation to Unindustria Reggio Emilia

Asotech is a member of Unindustria Reggio Emilia, the Industrial Association (Associazione Industriali) for the province of Reggio Emilia, founded in 1945 to protect the interests of all its members  small, medium or large businesses  in their dealings with stakeholders. The association promotes its members’ interests and ensures that they are well represented in every important aspect of the industrial and business world.
In the face of an ever-changing social and economic context, the Association provides an answer to the issues businesses face on a daily basis.

Affiliation to ANCASVI

Asotech is also a member of ANCASVI, a national partner that represents theme park equipment manufacturers in dealing with complex issues relating to national and international technical standards.

ANCASVI offers its trade and associate members technical advice on sector regulations. Thanks to the leading position it has obtained at European level, during its 10 years of operation, it offers its members visibility and opportunities in the international arena, and can rely on a wide network of collaborations with other bodies in Italy and abroad.


Asotech is part of the Mechatronic Club, promoted by a group of UNINDUSTRIA REGGIO EMILIA managers, this club proposes itself as a gathering point open to everybody that operate in the advanced mechanics and mechatronic field.
To this day the Reggio Emilia mechatronic district is composed by 300 companies, which operate in 6 sectors, with a revenue of 6 billions of Euros and 28.000 employees.

The Club wants to offer not just an opportunity to incite the technical deepening, but also the place where the local dimension can connect with the leading and most advanced experiences developed in Italy and in the world, exploiting that relational network pivotal to the development of the local productive system, featured by a strong vocation about mechanical productions even more sophisticated and smart.

System Integrator B&R

Asotech is part of a network of partners qualified in the integration of automation systems for a wide range of industrial sectors.
B&R is a private company with the main HQ in Austria and operative HQs in the whole world.
Global leader in industrial automation, B&R combines the most innovative technologies with the best products engineering, in order to provide industrial automations, movement control, visualization and communication complete solutions