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To put projects to the test right from the earliest stages


We invest and believe in the central role of simulations for tomorrow’s product development. With our technologies and our computer centre we can boast over 25 years of know-how in the various CAE disciplines.

The FEM structural calculation of the components and the most realistic simulations allow passing to production with complete peace of mind, allowing the following to be checked:

  • Structural strength and component stiffness
  • Buckling
  • Temperature distribution and thermal deformations
  • Geometric optimization
  • Weight reduction of components
  • Optimization of thermal dissipation
  • Optimization of pressure drops
  • Complex kinematics
  • Specific pressure of couplings
  • Power and force mechanisms
  • Structural verification according to regulations

FEM Structural Calculation

FEM calculation and static analysis •
FEM Calculation and transitional analysis •
FEM calculation and modal analysis •
FEM calculation and buckling analysis (buckling instability) •
FEM calculation and vibration analysis with random or tabulated forcing •


FEM Calculation and Thermal Analysis

• Static analysis for temperature mapping
• FEM analysis with conduction
• FEM analysis with convection
• FEM analysis of irradiation
• Transient FEM analysis with time-varying thermal loads
• Calculation of transmissibility coefficients
• FEM thermo-structural analysis

FEM multibody analysis

FEM kinematic analysis of systems and mechanisms •
FEM dynamic analysis •
FEM inertial analysis •
Calculation of accelerations, velocities and displacements of bodies •
Calculation of powers and forces •
Shock analysis •


Structural Calculation and Fatigue Analysis

• FEM monoaxial analysis
• FEM multiaxial analysis
• FEM low cycle analysis
• Rainflow method
• Hot spot method for weld fatigue
• Fatigue life prediction of components also according to regulations (e.g.: Eurocode)


Advanced FEM Analysis

Non linear FEM analysis
Plastic analysis •
Contacts with friction •
Large deformations •
Complex mechanisms •

FEM analysis with advanced materials models
Creep •
Elasto-plastic materials •
Viscoelastic materials •
Hyperelastic materials •


FEM structural calculation technologies

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