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Interaction Design

The future of communication is at hand

Mano con smartphone e polvere di stelle che fuoriesce dal telefono in maniera interattiva - Interaction Design
Interaction design is the set of design activities for the interaction between man and mechanical or computer systems.

The goal we set ourselves at Asotech is to make your machines, your services and your products accessible and usable by the users for whom they were designed and manufactured.


Using augmented reality and virtual reality we can communicate intuitively, quickly and effectively making our message more accessible and incisive by motivating all the senses for a profound and active understanding.

Asotech’s Solutions

Interaction Design - Stand virtuale esemplificativo prodotto da Asotech


The use of virtual stands allows you to expand the possibilities of physical events, involving your users on a more profound level.

At Asotech we are able to design, model and build the virtual stand and the entire web platform that will host the event.

The event will be able to host meetings, appointments and any type of multimedia content, bypassing the limitations of physical events and allowing access to all the products and data to which the company wants to give access.

Interaction Design - Stand virtuale esemplificativo prodotto da Asotech
Interaction Design - Parete Interattiva esemplificativa


By combining interactive walls with exhibition spaces and trade fair stands, companies can interact on an in-depth level with their users, making communication direct and engaging.

Users are no longer passive users of communication but become an integral part of it, through sensory walls reactive to movement and proximity and through complex systems of interaction and data collection made immediate by our systems.

The interaction and emotional involvement will lead the user to want to share the positive experience on their social channels in a natural way, making them, in fact, a Brand Ambassador of the company.

The emotional aspect of communication improves understanding of the message we want to convey and gives media coverage to our event or product.

Interaction Design - Immagine esemplificativa di guanti e visore di realtà virtuale


Virtual reality is the means that more than any other allows us to illustrate our products and services and to involve users directly and personally in environments.

The emotional impact offered by this service is unmatched.

The ability to see and try products and services in environments that explain their plus points in a clear and precise way is a tangible competitive advantage.

All large companies are pushing in this direction: explaining the advantages their products and services offer by thrilling the users.

3D becomes emotion.

Interaction Design - Immagine esemplificativa di guanti e visore di realtà virtuale
Interaction Design - Immagine esemplificativa di tablet e software di realtà aumentata per analizzare macchinari meccanici


In recent years, mobility has become an increasingly central aspect of communication.

Augmented reality is the perfect way to convey your message, through the use of commonly used devices such as tablets and smartphones, giving an additional boost to your communication.

Augmented reality allows unparalleled accessibility for users, taking mobility to an unprecedented level.

You can access all available content directly from your device, collecting data or sending targeted notifications on the user’s interests or based on proximity to events or places of interest.

Interaction Design - Configuratore prodotto esemplificativo


Today many companies need to communicate a variety of products that are often very different from each other, highlighting the different strengths and the various solutions offered.

The reference point for companies today are the Product Configurators, which allow the customer to interact independently with the product or service and independently investigate the most suitable solutions for their needs.

The company is able to collect data on its customer and their needs and to have information on what are the reference market trends, obtaining an important strategic advantage from the profiling of its users.

Interaction Design - Configuratore prodotto esemplificativo
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