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3d animation Dual Fuel Diesel Methane



Landi Renzo Spa is a world-leading company serving around 30% of the market for LPG and CNG alternative automotive fuel systems and components. In order to propose  to their customers the Dual fuel diesel methane they wanted to make a video illustrating the innovative system features summarized as follows:

  • Reduction of particulate emissions (- 40% *)
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions (- 12% *)
  • Original layout of the engine unchanged
  • It ‘always possible to switch to diesel mode
  • increased autonomy
  • Complete diagnostics of the gas system
  • Rail injectors maintainable high performance
  • Remote assistance for calibrating the ECU
  • Full system diagnostics.
  • source: http://www.dieselmetano.it/

The animation 3d has mirrored the need of customers, explaining the operation, the methodology and the value added from the use of the fuel system Dual fuel diesel methane. In particular, it wanted to put the greatest emphasis on the benefits for the environment.


Asotech, interpreting the demands of the Customer, has developed and product all stages necessary to the creation of the video: from ideation of the storyboard, to the creation of the scenes in computergraphics, up to rendering and to post production. 3D scenes were created using Autodesk 3ds Max. Renderings were produced with renderers mental ray and V-Ray, adding the potential of both.

The images obtained have been post produced with Adobe After Effects, adding particle effects required.


The video has been shared on social media platforms and Partners Company, like YouTube. The views, over 50,000, have guaranteed widespread distribution of the product.

Video size, Full HD 1920×1080, and 30 fps (frames per second) ensure perfect fluidity of movement and maximum usability in all media.

Video 3d dual fuel diesel metano Landi renzo