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9m single-crane stacker




Zecchetti srl , a company that specializes in packaging and shipping, commissioned Asotech to produce a custom-made, high-performance single-crane stacker used to store crates in warehouses. Asotech dealt with the design as well as the structural testing (according to EUROCODE) needed for certification of the machine.


Asotech, assisted by Zecchetti personnel, designed a 9mt single-crane stacker, with high performances in terms of speed and acceleration, while maintaining weights and rigidity according to sector standards. Asotech’s experience also allowed us to produce easy-to-build metalwork, with the welding tested according to EUROCODE. The innovative safety systems we introduced have improved the machine’s performance.


By carefully studying the problem, and thanks to structural optimization, performance was boosted to 30% higher than the sector standard. The framework we designed allowed the machine to be built quickly, in full accordance with the timing and budget required by the customer. A thorough study of the regulations also allowed us to improve on the sector standards for safety and performance.