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Structural FEM Computation

Asotech dedicates to Structural FEM Computation and to Simulation and FEM Computation, all the experience and the know-how acquired in more than fifteen years of experience, because the projects have to be severely tested from the beginning.

Structural FEM Computation and the most realistic simulation allow to move on to the manufacturing stage with the greatest confidence.

  • Structural strength verification and component stiffness
  • Deformation verification
  • Mapping of the temperature distribution and of the thermal deformations
  • Shape optimization
  • Weight Reduction of the components
  • Heat removal optimization
  • Pressure drop minimization and verification
  • Mechanism verification
  • Joint contact pressure verification
  • Computation of power and internal forces of a mechanism
  • Structural verification according to standards


Analisi fatica

  • Uniaxial FEM analysis
  • Multiaxial FEM analysis
  • Low cycle fatigue FEM analysis
  • Rainflow-counting method
  • Hot spot stress method for weld fatigue analysis
  • Fatigue life prediction of components according to standards (e.g. Eurocode)



1. Nonlinear FEM analysis:

  • Analyses in the plastic field
  • Frictional contacts
  • Large deformations
  • Complex mechanisms

2. FEM analysis with advanced material models:

  • Creep
  • Elastoplastic materials
  • Viscoelastic materials
  • Hyper-elastic materials

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