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Dear Asotech’s Friends,

Speaking of history, for those who comes to innovation every day, it may seem strange.
But here in Asotech – Today – we want to pause for a moment and look back.

When in late 1996 the founders started this adventure there were very different times. Technology, innovation, investment and economic environment were the elements of a reality that today seems so far away, and yet without that period, the world today would not exist.

Just like Asotech.
In twenty years we have grown under every facet: experience, technologies, know-how, services, partners and employees.
Today we are 5 members and more than 100 employees at your side, in a teamwork that winds every day between our and your desks, including projects, proposals, ideas and satisfactions.

On the occasion of our twentieth anniversary, let us give two special thanks.

The first thanks is addressed to the Asotech people, since the success of Asotech arises first of all from passion, from professionalism and individual skills that for the past twenty years, you, people of Asotech, are still expressing every day.
Thank you.

The second one is directed to our Customers: it is only thanks to our Customers’ trust , collaboration and strong partnership, which we strive every day to better interpret, that Asotech to date has become a benchmark for the various services it offers.
Thank you.

Fortified with twenty years of experience, we will continue to work side by side with our Customers, our employees, our partners, always aware that the sustainable innovation is our more ambitious challenge ever, which can be won merely with hard study, skills, experience , creativity and vision; those are the core value of Asotech in these twenty years’ experience.

The team of owners

Christian Garzelli Graziano Sassi Simone Ferrari Luigi Povesi Massimo Ferrari