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Our commitment for the environment

During 2020, our daily life changed radically. This year we have experienced an exponential increase in smart working and the use of tools to connect us increasingly more in a virtual and less physical way.


But there was also a revolution in the environmental impact of our “new” lifestyle.

Fotografia di strada trafficata scattata da drone

Greenhouse gas emissions

Car use has collapsed and one of the most extraordinary short-term effects has been the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2020 alone, as far as Europe is concerned, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 7.6% was recorded.

The reasons are clearly linked to the change in both work and personal habits: the introduction of smart working, the reduction of business and tourist trips have led to a decrease in the use of means of transport and, consequently, to a slump in emissions.

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Air quality

Another positive environmental effect was the improvement in air quality.

The concentrations of NO2 and PM10, the elements that most worsen the quality of the air, as well as being harmful to health, have dropped significantly.

Fotografia di strada trafficata

These data have made us understand that we too can make a tangible contribution to the fight against climate change.

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Our commitment

Suffice it to say that in 2020 alone 169,901km less were travelled between business trips and collaborators’ movement, while maintaining the quality of the service.

On the contrary, we have seen an increase in both individual and team performance, with a significant improvement in the quality of life of our collaborators.

This is why we have decided to keep smart working regardless of the current pandemic situation and to favour virtual meetings and encounters as far as possible via dedicated platforms.

Because if the environment wins, we all win.