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Extended Cookie Policy Use of cookies

Use of cookies

The websites at https:/www.asotech.com/, http:/www.rendering-3d.it/ corresponding to the home page in line with “European Regulation 2016/679”

guarantee complete information to users for the management of cookies that are used to improve the visitor experience.

What they are and how they are used are explained below. If you do not want cookies to be collected while browsing the sites https:/www.asotech.com/, http:/www.rendering-3d.it/, you can change your browser and/or mobile settings at any time in order to be notified or you can choose to limit or block cookies.

What are cookies

Cookies are lines of text that act as computer markers sent by a server (in this case, that of the Site) to a user’s device (generally to the Internet browser) when he/she accesses a given page of a website; cookies, which can also be set by websites other than those the user is visiting (“third-party cookies”), are automatically stored by the user’s browser and retransmitted to the server that generated them every time the user accesses the same Internet page. In this way, for example, cookies allow and/or facilitate access to some Internet pages to improve user navigation (or allow the storage of pages visited and other specific information, such as pages consulted more frequently, connection errors, etc.), or allow profiling activities. Therefore, for a facilitated and complete use of a website, it would be advisable for the user to configure their browser to accept the receipt of these cookies.

Browsers are often set to automatically accept cookies. However, users can change the default configuration, in order to disable or delete cookies (from time to time or once and for all), with the consequence, however, that the optimal use of some areas of the website may be precluded. It is also possible to check the methods and types of cookies stored on your browser by changing the cookie settings of your browser.

Cookie characteristics and purpose

Our Site uses the following cookie categories, which can be from Asotech or from third parties.

  1. Technical and functional cookies:
    1. Technical cookie:
      They are used to facilitate your navigation of the Site and the use of its features. Among the technical cookies, we point out the essential cookies, also called “strictly necessary”, which enable functions without which it would not be possible to fully use the Site as well as performance cookies that allow the functionality of the Site to be improved.
    2. Functionality cookie:
      They allow the Site to remember the choices you made (for example the language or the geographical area in which you are located) and propose them to subsequent accesses in order to provide better and personalized services (for example, they can be used to propose content similar to those you have already requested previously).

Description of the methods of consenting to the installation of cookies:

On first access to the Site, you will find a banner with a brief statement that contains a link to this extended statement where you will find more information on the cookies installed by the Data Controller and by third parties.

In this extended statement you will find more information on the description and characteristics of the different categories of cookies and you will have the possibility to decide for yourself which of the cookies to authorize.

Your consent is not required for the use of technical and analytical cookies. You can, however, disable them by following the procedure described in the paragraph “How to enable or disable cookies on your browsers”.

By browsing the Site, you consent to the use of cookies. In any case, you can at any time change your preferences regarding cookies, even denying consent to the use of any cookies (including cookies installed by third parties) in the table below.

The following table describes the cookies sent to your browser by accessing the Site, any updates will always be published on this page.

In detail, the Site uses:

Technical and functional cookies:

ga2 years
gatAt the end of the browsing session
_icl_current_admin_language2 hours
_icl_current_language1 day
cookie_notice_accepted1 month
wfvt30 minutes
fonts.googleapis.comAt the end of the browsing session
YSCAt the end of the browsing session

Technical cookie that facilitates user navigation, recognizing it and preventing the short statement on cookies contained in the banner from reappearing in the case of links to the site made within a predetermined deadline. It is activated by clicking “ok” on the banner.

Third party technical cookies

Analytical cookies

Below are the links to the statements and consent forms of third parties, independent data controllers, through which you will have the opportunity to collect more information, manage and disable these cookies.

How to enable or disable cookies on your browsers:

You can block acceptance of cookies by your browser. However, this operation could make it less efficient or prevent access to some functions or pages of the Site/APP.

Below are the methods offered by the main browsers to block the acceptance of cookies:

Further ways of disabling analytical cookies

In addition to proceeding with the disabling and/or deletion of cookies through your relative browser settings, you can proceed with the disabling and/or deletion of individual cookies by accessing the following sites:

Data Controller

For a complete privacy policy see the page