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We design food plants for processing, heat treatment and food filling.


We are at your side in the design cycle of food processing plants starting from the drafting of the initial P&ID, moving on to the choice of components and instrumentation up to the creation of the final assembly in 3D piping. All in continuous partnership with the end customer.

Our specialized staff, with the know-how and transversal skills gained in over 25 years of experience, is in fact able to design food plants for the processing, heat treatment and filling of food products.

We are able to automate all the intermediate phases of the entire project while always maintaining a design approach aimed at optimizing production times and costs for the entire course of the activity in close harmony with the requests and needs of the customer.

The experience gained allows us to have in-depth knowledge of the most used systems in this sector


Sanitizing systems for process plants and machines


In-line mixing and carbonation systems


Aseptic systems for ambient sterilization


Distribution loop


Product pasteurization and sterilization machines

The technologies of food plant design

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Our experience in Food Plant design and our transversal skills on Complete Solutions allow us to offer the service tailored to your needs.