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Analisi Bifase su torre di raffreddamento mediante Simulazione Fluidodinamica CFD

Sector: Cooling Towers

Customer: MITA Cooling Technologies S.r.l.

Ing. Bruno Falcetti
Ing. Vanessa Scotton

Category: Fluid Dynamics Simulation, CFD Analysis

The need

MITA Cooling Technologies S.r.l., a leading company in the field of industrial cooling systems, has developed a new evaporative condenser machine which, exploiting the principle of evaporative cooling, removes heat from the air by evaporating water.

During experimental tests, some anomalies emerged due to water infiltration in the ventilation chamber which, during machine operation, were difficult to identify.

The collaboration with Asotech was born precisely to study the origin of the criticality and to find a timely and effective solution through two-phase analysis using CFD Fluid Dynamics Simulation.

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Thanks to our experience in CFD Fluid Dynamics Simulation and the use of dedicated software, we carried out a two-phase analysis (water/air) on the starting prototype in order to establish the origin of the problem.

fusione delle bocche di ventilazione nel progetto MITA
The Solution

This simulation made it clear that the problem was due to a tendency for the air blown by the fans to form waves in the water recovery tank.

The proposed solution was the insertion of a breakwater in the middle section and a deflector in the lower part of the communication ports between the fan chamber and the recovery tank.

The client also wished to experiment with other solutions included in the model, such as the insertion of a separator baffle between the fans and the merger of the inlets, going from four small ones to two larger ones.

CFD analysis

The advantage of using CFD analysis is the possibility to predict and simulate real situations, being able to dissect the problems of projects still on paper.

In this way long and expensive prototyping processes are avoided, allowing the customer to save on design and development costs and it is also possible to review and redesign single components already produced.

You can also optimize your products by applying targeted design principles, saving resources and optimizing costs.

Analisi simulazione fluidodinamica CFD
Analisi simulazione fluidodinamica CFD
The two-phase simulation

Two-phase (or multi-phase) simulation is a type of CFD analysis that involves the coexistence of two (or more) distinct phases within the computational domain. These simulations allow to simulate the interaction between liquids and distinct solids, between liquids and gases and the interaction during state changes (boiling and condensation, for example).

This type of simulation is particularly complex, both from the computational point of view (large computer resources are required for their resolution), and from the numerical point of view (it is necessary to know exactly which algorithms to apply depending on the type of interaction between the phases).


Our experience in CFD fluid dynamics simulation allowed us to apply a few simple corrections to the prototype realized by MITA, which proved to be effective and resolving during the tests at the customer’s site, thus avoiding costly losses of time, energy and money in the search for the solution through experimental tests.

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