Quest’anno abbiamo deciso, in occasione delle Festività Natalizie, di devolvere un significativo contributo alla Fondazione GRADE Onlus.

Asotech & GRADE Onlus | We support the annual partnership program

This year we decided, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, to support the annual partnership programme of the GRADE Onlus Foundation. The Foundation was founded in 1989 in Reggio Emilia and has always supported the research activity of the AUSL-IRCCS Cancer Center Departments of Reggio Emilia.
In 1998, to contribute to the improvement of the AUSL – IRCCS Cancer Center of Reggio Emilia, it invested 800 million Lira for the construction of the first sterile rooms for bone marrow transplants. In 2016, in just 5 years, GRADE contributed over Euro 3 million to the construction of the CORE (Oncohaematological Centre of Reggio Emilia), a centre of excellence for the fight against cancer.
In 2018, in just one and a half years, GRADE raised 2.1 million Euro to donate the new PET/CT to the AUSL of Reggio Emilia, and in 2020 the purchase of the SPECT-CT and the V ring of the PET- CT for a value of about one million Euro, in addition to the important support provided in the middle of the COVID emergency.
The projects it is currently working on are two studies aimed at the treatment of lymphomas, oncological diseases that affect thousands of patients every year.

One of the two studies, The FOLL19 study, will focus on follicular lymphoma, which accounts for approximately 20% of malignant lymphomas. The second study called PREVID aims to improve the effectiveness of the treatment of patients with large B cell lymphoma by integrating standard immunochemotherapy treatment with vitamin D support.
Results of great importance, which they hope to obtain thanks to the support that has never been lacking from the community.

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“Such large-scale projects would not be possible without the enthusiasm and contribution of benefactors such as Asotech Srl. Solidarity comes continually to us from many realms and is the strongest push to always seek new solutions in order to be able to provide an adequate response to the needs of our patients.”
GRADE Foundation Onlus

This year we have also chosen to donate, through GRADE, Panettoni and Pandori Melegatti to our employees, for a specific reason: to support and trust an Italian company with over 120 years of history.
The Melegatti case was a wonderful example of rebirth and we are happy and proud to be able to contribute to the revival of a historic brand not just for Verona, but for all of Italy.

We wish all of you and your families a happy Christmas and best wishes for a great 2022.