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Asotech & Tec Eurolab – A valuable partnership

Asotech enters into a partnership with TEC Eurolab
Asotech signs an agreement with TEC Eurolab, a centre of excellence for testing, certification and training services. The partnership with the company from Campogalliano (MO) will make it possible to expand skills and technologies at the service of the Italian manufacturing industry.
TEC Eurolab has been working for over thirty years on both national and international projects, providing high technical skills and technological solutions related to destructive and non-destructive tests, accompanying customers in the design and validation of materials and components that meet specific working needs.

Asotech and TEC Eurolab are now working together as strategic partners. Thanks to their mutual skills, they are able to offer the manufacturing market a design, simulation and drafting of technical documentation, testing and technical training service ensuring an integrated approach.

Companies in the Aerospace and Automotive, Biomedical, Food, Oil and Gas, Energy and General Industry sectors can be supported in every aspect: from the development of a new component/product, from the design and prototyping to the production phase; and to optimize a product already on the market.

Who is TEC Eurolab
TEC Eurolab, is an accredited, independent and impartial third-party laboratory.
A company founded in 1990 and headquartered in Campogalliano (Mo), it has developed over time following the technological evolution of materials, processes and related industrial applications for the main manufacturing sectors. Today, it has more than 90 highly qualified people and a test area of over 5,000 square metres; its technical skills, instrumental equipment and countless certifications and accreditations make it a point of reference capable of ensuring companies the best opportunities for the control, development and innovation of materials, components and processes.

Continuous investments in research and innovation allow today to offer a very wide range of services: chemical and metallurgical analysis, corrosion and failure analysis, mechanical and dynamic tests, non-destructive tests and industrial tomography, dimensional surveys and inspections, environmental and functional tests, certification of personnel and production processes, theoretical and practical training. A cross-section of services that allows customer companies to turn to TEC Eurolab as an enabler for all quality control and process innovation needs.

What value does this partnership offer companies:
Christian Garzelli: “This is a strategic collaboration aimed at integrating the skills that the companies have internally, their combination has the aim of creating unique and complete proposals and solutions for the industry in different sectors. With this agreement we will be able to directly access the technologies and services of TEC EUROLAB to scrutinize and improve projects and technical solutions; to name an example: TEC EUROLAB is able to provide experimental data of mechanical and chemical characterization of materials in order to have reliable data to be included in FEM calculations and CFD simulations. Our engineers will be able to collaborate and contribute to TEC EUROLAB research and technology transfer projects, directly providing design solutions, calculations and applied engineering simulations.

Marco Moscatti: “The advantages will be many, for example in the prototyping phase, TEC Eurolab will be able to proceed with the dimensional and defectological validation of the prototype thanks to the dimensional department, for the control of project dimensions, and that of non-destructive tests, passing through the computerized industrial tomography , with the aim of verifying the presence of critical anomalies for the functionality of the component. Starting from the surveys made, ASOTECH will be able to repeatedly alter the project in such a way as to optimize the process, saving time and investments for the production of subsequent prototypes up to the final goal is reached.”