In occasione del nostro venticinquesimo anniversario, abbiamo ricevuto un importante riconoscimento dal Presidente Dott. Fabio Storchi di Unindustria Reggio Emilia, che ci ha consegnato il premio “Homo Faber”

Green Contest R&D

The Green Contest R&D ends today
The jury, consisting of Christian Garzelli, Massimo Ferrari, Simone Ferrari, Luigi Povesi, Roberta Sabatino, Manuela Begnozzi, Mauro Testi, Paolo Muscarello and Erik Levada, after a long and careful evaluation of the proposals of the various groups, decided the winner based on various criteria: relevance to the theme of Eco-sustainability and attention to the environment, the originality of the project, the feasibility, the clarity of the presentation, the commercial potential and the degree of innovation of the proposed project.
the group led by Andrea Carini and consisting of Daniele Ponti, Marco Ceresoli, Pierluigi Chierici, Marco Correnti and Paolo Giglio won first place in the standings, with a project in the field of packaging with a strong innovative drive and a great environmental impact.

We thank the participation of UNINDUSTRIA, in the person of Eng. Nazarena Gianferrari, for being part of the selection jury.

We thank all the participants for their enthusiasm, the dedication shown and the projects presented, with great technical and innovative content.

We look forward to seeing you for the next edition of the Green Contest R&D.