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Innovative software and hardware for lifting systems with hydraulic Strand Jacks

Sector: Automation system for Strand Jacks, hydraulic jacks for lifting plants with high technological engineering content for handling plants with high technical and logistic difficulties

Customer: Fagioli s.p.a.

Contacts: Erik Levada

Category: Automation Software, Hardware predisposition, Software development for automated plants management

The need

Fagioli spa, a leading company in the design and realization of handling and lifting systems with high engineering content and in the shipment of plants with technical and logistic transport complexities, turned to our Automazione Software team for the updating of the automation system of lifting systems with hydraulic jacks called Strand Jacks.

The system had been originally realized by Fagioli in the 90s and the software part had been realized in Windows 95, with a hardware technology based on customized electronic boards.

The need was therefore to completely renew the automation system of the Strand Jacks with current and innovative technologies but, above all, trying to use a technology easily available on the market and that was not completely customized, so that it could be replicated on a large scale and whose components were easily available worldwide in case of replacement.

A further request was the possibility to simultaneously manage a variable number of Strand Jacks between 2 and 200.


The experience of our team has allowed us to develop a flexible management software, to adapt to the number of jacks required (our solution allows the use of from 2 to 528 jacks simultaneously) and to the size of the same, which varies according to the weight to be lifted/lowered, and which would be as automated as possible, in order to reduce human error to a minimum during the load handling phases, avoiding manual control by an operator on each individual jack.

The solution – electronic hardware part

From the hardware point of view, we proposed a system based on the concept of Master and Slave, where the Master is the brain of the application and the various Slaves represent the individual jacks.
The challenge was to find a solution that would allow to achieve a high automation of the system while ensuring maximum safety for the operators and protection of the handled loads.
Thanks to the partnership with B&R Automation, a world leader in the production of hardware for industrial automation, we identified a solution based on the Powerlink Open Safety communication BUS combined with the use of X20 series products, allowing us to design a Master-Slave system that would ensure maximum system flexibility, complying with the 60204-CE standard, speeding up the set-up time of the lifting system and minimizing human error by automating load management during the lifting and lowering phases.

The solution – software part

In addition to the hardware part, we have developed the logic and safety PLC and HMI operator interface software.
The system is able to autonomously recognize the number of jacks present in the plant and to self-configure, both at logic and safety level, signaling to the operator any anomalies in the electrical connections for a rapid, targeted and effective intervention.
The new application is also able to independently manage the load on the basis of a series of information entered by the operator, such as the type of jack used, the maximum percentage of load allowed for each jack, the maximum load imbalance allowed, the height and speed of lifting and lowering.
The new operator interface, extremely User Friendly, allows to map the position of the single jacks in order to make their management easier.
Lifting or lowering functions are handled completely automatically by selecting the type of work to be done and the distance to be covered.
The activities considered most dangerous during the preparation of the plant have been safely managed thanks to the creation of a certified safety software in order to prevent any possible hardware or human error.



Our experience in the field of industrial automation has allowed us to provide a complete consultancy both on the hardware and software side, creating a comprehensive proposal that would lead to the creation of an effective and flexible solution, exceeding the initial technical specifications required by the customer.

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