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Solar Concentrator Dual Platform




As part of the development of a new generation of installations for solar exploitation both photovoltaic and thermal, SUN GEN, a young company from Reggio Emilia, entrusted the structural optimization of them Solar concentrator to Asotech.



Asotech, in close partnership with Sun Gen, which provided the 3D models, conducted the analysis with the aim to increase the mechanical strength of the solar concentrator. In detail, the activity was initially focused on CFD fluid dynamics analysis to detect wind forces against the structure of dual concentrators. The analysis resulted in a trend of pressures on the structure under operating conditions (60 Km / h) and maximum wind speed (90 Km / h) to set up detailed structural analysis for the optimization of the structure in Ansys software, Workbench R18. The project involved the use of special composite materials for the panel structure and advanced methodologies of FEM program such as nonlinear contacts and fluid dynamics analysis together with structural analyzes.



The activity carried out allowed a profitable optimization in terms of mass reduction and increased structure resistance with heavy wind and snow loads; in specific, such optimization allowed to lighten the initial structure up to more than 30% with an increase in snow and wind resistance of 40%. The verification has been carried out with advanced techniques and by applying existing regulations (EUROCODE), so as to provide, at the end of the activity, the necessary documentation for the technical dossier.