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Who we are

Dedication, Confidentiality, Flexibility, Excellence and Training

Chi siamo Asotech
Four partners, a team of over 130 professionals, a portfolio of over 110 customers in constant growth and 550 projects per year.
The best available technologies and continuous training ensure access to the best know-how on the market.
This is Asotech’s DNA
but what matters most are our values.

Asotech’s 5 keywords

Persona che fa arrampicata come sinonimo di passione


We have believed intensely in what we do for over 25 years, with the enthusiasm of those who take up every new challenge to exceed the expectations of those who rely on us.

Persona che fa arrampicata come sinonimo di passione
Riservatezza secondo Asotech


Aware of the vital importance of the information we process, our first commitment is to ensure maximum confidentiality of data by ensuring absolute professional integrity.

flessibilità secondo Asotech


Asotech’s dedication to Customers is total because our interests are based on yours, we align ourselves effectively with the needs of the Work.

flessibilità secondo Asotech
eccellenza secondo Asotech


Asotech guarantees a very high standard of preparation and continuous investments in cutting-edge means and technologies to ensure optimal, on-time solutions, the best possible service, in the most effective way.



The careful staff selection and recurrent training make our progress long-lasting.

The growth of excellence, supported by specific paths, proves that training never ends for Asotech.

We aim to be one step ahead of everyone else.

As always: we are never just content.